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Lügenstein: Blatt
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Lügenstein: Sonne
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Inventory Listing of the Travelling Exhibition

The following subjects are displayed on 24 banner:

  1. News about Beringer and the mystery of the Lying Stones
  2. Beringer examines the stones in a medical doctoral thesis
  3. Beringer allows 204 stones to be illustrated faithfully in the doctoral thesis
  4. Beringer reviewed all previous theories on fossilisation in his work
  5. Is there a deception behind these stones or is God the originator?
  6. The research into the stones is Beringer's  job as a doctor
  7. Würzburg contemporaries are interested in the spectacular fossilisation
  8. The stones are a subject of German scholars
  9. The most respected experts are consulted
  10. The rumour mill is cooking and draws wide circles
  11. Years of work for a devious, national fraud
  12. The network of scholars who are directly or indirectly involved in the discussion about the stones
  13. Beringer is a very influential figure in the Catholic Bishopric of Würzburg
  14. Beringer has enjoyed high prestige since birth
  15. Beringer's residential situation reflects his high prestige
  16. Würzburg in the early 18th century, in Beringer's lifetime
  17. Beringer's parental home is located next to the property of the Lord Chamberlain
  18. Beringer's property previously belonged to the ecclesiastical nobility
  19. Before the appearance of the figure stones, Beringer reformed medical education with profound innovations
  20. Thanks to Beringer's activities, the Botanical Garden in Juliusspital is one of the most respected in Europe
  21. Beringer studied Franconian spring water using the latest methods, for the therapy and care of the population
  22. Beringer reformed the education at the medical faculty and extended it to surgery
  23. Is Beringer's new experimental philosophy a threat to a Catholic university?
  24. Who has a motive, the power and the means to stage such a deception and damage his reputation?

Depending on the circumstances of the planned exhibition area and the dispatch or collection possibilities, we can furthermore offer:

1 banner with introductory text in German and English
1 banner about the discovery site of the stones
1 banner with Beringer's family tree
1 banner with Beringer's obituary, handwriting (Latin) with German translation
2 banners with Beringer's printed works in Latin with German summary
1 banner of Eibelstadt city hall; place of the interrogation with book (illustrated interrogation transcripts and commentary)

Replicas of Beringer's written letters
Replicas of written letters about Beringer or Beringer's stones
Replicas of 42 different patterns of Lying Stones

Beringer doll in historical clothes




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  • Lügenstein: Ammonit mit Wellen
  • Lügenstein: Fisch
  • Lügenstein: Fliege
  • Lügenstein: Frösche
  • Lügenstein: Große Nacktschnecken
  • Lügenstein: Großer Komet
  • Lügenstein: Hebräische Schriftzeichen
  • Lügenstein: Hebräisches Schriftzeichen stehend
  • Lügenstein: Hirschkäfer
  • Lügenstein: Kleine Blume
  • Lügenstein: Kleiner Frosch
  • Lügenstein: Kleiner Komet
  • Lügenstein: Kleine Sonne
  • Lügenstein: Knochenfisch mit Zähnen
  • Lügenstein: Krebs
  • Lügenstein: Lurch
  • Lügenstein: Muschel mit Schnecke
  • Lügenstein: Ohrwurmkäfer
  • Lügenstein: Pflanze
  • Lügenstein: Schnecke stehend
  • Lügenstein: Seeungeheuer
  • Lügenstein: Sonne
  • Lügenstein: Tausendfüßler
  • Lügenstein: Vogel
  • Lügenstein: Vogelskelett
  • Lügenstein: Zwei Schnecken
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