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Beringer and the Lying Stones today

See the Lying Stones today:

Approx. 600 originals can be proven among the more than 2000 Lying Stones in Germany, England, Holland and Austria.

If you wish to see Lying Stones in the following museums and collections, please find out in advance whether they are even currently on display.
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Lying Stones in England

Oxford: University Museum of Natural History

Lying Stones in the Netherlands

Haarlem:Öffnet einen externen Link in einem neuen FensterTeylers Museum

Original stones in private property? We would be pleased to get a Opens internal link in current windowmessage.

To see replicas:

Eibelstadt:Opens external link in new windowMuseum of local history in Eibelstadt
Höchberg:Beringer Lying Stone Museum
Ochsenfurt:Opens external link in new windowTrias museum

Lying Stones and Eibelstadt:

On a mountain near Eibelstadt, the Lying Stones were found from 1725 onwards.
Eibelstadt has put a fountain monument to the Lying Stones in the marketplace:

Fountain monument in the Eibelstadt marketplace
Fountain monument in the Eibelstadt marketplace

Eibelstadt has also created a wonderful hiking trail round the site of the discovery:

Initiates file downloadWalking round the historical discovery site in Eibelstadt (PDF flyer - 1.8 MB, german).


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