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Lügenstein: Blatt
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Lügenstein: Sonne
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The Lying Stones

At the time of Balthasar Neumann and at the time
of the construction  of the famous palace he designed in Würzburg,
the Würzburg medical professor
Johannes Bartholomew Adam Beringer (1670-1738)
found more than 2000 stones at Eibelstadt.

On them, insects, frogs, plants, the sun,
moon and stars could be seen.

Why had someone deceived Beringer with these
counterfeit fossils, the Lying Stones?

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The so-called Lying Stones are the first natural science fraud of modern times.

  • Who was behind the fraud?
  • Why did it take place?
  • Mystery on top of mystery...

The Beringers Lügensteine e.V. (Beringer's Lying Stones Association) would like to clear up these questions and advance its research activities on this topic.

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We would like to warmly thank our honorary member, historian of science Prof. (Dr.) Alix Cooper of the State University of New York at Stony Brook, for her support since
the foundation of the Association in 2012.

Greetings from the Executive Board

Dr. Petra Hubmann, 1. Chairman
Renate Freyeisen, 2. Chairman
Barbara Baumeister,     Treasurer
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  • Lügenstein: Fisch
  • Lügenstein: Fliege
  • Lügenstein: Frösche
  • Lügenstein: Große Nacktschnecken
  • Lügenstein: Großer Komet
  • Lügenstein: Hebräische Schriftzeichen
  • Lügenstein: Hebräisches Schriftzeichen stehend
  • Lügenstein: Hirschkäfer
  • Lügenstein: Kleine Blume
  • Lügenstein: Kleiner Frosch
  • Lügenstein: Kleiner Komet
  • Lügenstein: Kleine Sonne
  • Lügenstein: Knochenfisch mit Zähnen
  • Lügenstein: Krebs
  • Lügenstein: Lurch
  • Lügenstein: Muschel mit Schnecke
  • Lügenstein: Ohrwurmkäfer
  • Lügenstein: Pflanze
  • Lügenstein: Schnecke stehend
  • Lügenstein: Seeungeheuer
  • Lügenstein: Sonne
  • Lügenstein: Tausendfüßler
  • Lügenstein: Vogel
  • Lügenstein: Vogelskelett
  • Lügenstein: Zwei Schnecken
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